Rob Rogers

Bring Back Brewed On Grant!

July 31, 2019

The Pittsburgh Current has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring back my local comic strip Brewed On Grant! I am very excited to be bringing this comic strip back. This crowd-funding campaign will fund the strip for a year, as well help pay the other cartoonists that already appear in the Current. Please join us in this effort!

Rob Rogers Brings ‘Brewed On Grant’ Exclusively To Pittsburgh Current

By Pittsburgh Current Staff

Since he was fired last year by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers has consistently heard one question.

“When are you bringing back Brewed on Grant?”

Now, thanks to a new partnership between Rogers and the Pittsburgh Current, that question has a definitive answer — August 6.

The partnership comes at a time when media companies are eliminating editorial cartoons and follows a years-long trend of newspapers seriously cutting back on or eliminating comics in general.

October 2020 update: Thanks to all who supported this Kickstarter! It helped fund almost a year of Brewed On Grant comics. The strip has temporarily been suspended due to lack of funding.

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