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My New Book! — Mayoral Ink

December 2, 2015

I am proud to announce that my new book, “Mayoral Ink: Cartooning Pittsburgh’s Mayors”, is available now!

I have been drawing cartoons about Pittsburgh and its mayors since the mid ’80s, but I’ve only been drawing my local weekly comic strip Brewed on Grant since the ’90s. This book is my first Brewed on Grant collection.

The local comic strip is set in a fictitious diner on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh. Grant Street is home to the Mayor’s office, City Council Chambers, County Courthouse and the old County Jail. In other words, a lot of crazy stuff goes down on Grant Street. Brewed on Grant is by far the most popular cartoon I draw each week, especially among Pittsburgh readers.

The book contains over 170 cartoons featuring the exploits of Richard Caliguiri, Sophie Masloff, Tom Murphy, Bob O’Connor, Luke Ravenstahl and Bill Peduto. With the exception of some early cartoons in black and white, most of the book will contain full-color cartoons. If you are not familiar with Pittsburgh politics that’s OK. Each cartoon will have a line of explanatory text to help the reader with history and context.

The foreword was graciously provided by my good friend Lynn Cullen.

Get your copy now! $30 includes inscription, shipping and handling.

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